New work for Saul Williams and MIVOS

The vital [Mivos Quartet] embraces toothy modernism with punk-rock verve.
— The New York Times
Hip hop’s poet laureate.
— CNN on Saul Williams

On April 26, 2016,  I'm returning to the Twin Cities' bold Liquid Music series for the premiere of The Answer to the Question That Wings Ask: a new piece I've written for the MIVOS Quartet and Saul Williams. This is a dream project in many ways. I've worked with the MIVOS crew many times in many settings, but I've never composed a piece for them and have been long searching for the perfect project that could help make that happen. Saul Williams is an artist I've admired from afar but never met or worked with before. He speaks so musically and sings with insanely powerful language:



The Answer to the Question That Wings Ask is an incredible poem of Saul's. My piece incorporates his words into an interactive piece for Saul to perform with the quartet, where the five musicians share and shift responsibilities for setting and maintaining flow and pulse. You can read more about this project in an interview with JP Merz here